Killed for saying sorry

We still can not believe it has been 15 years, since you took our sons's life away. We can still never understand why you wanted to cause him any harm, never mind kill him. He was one of the most caring, genuine people I have ever known. I was so proud to have him as a son. Perhaps you never meant to go that far, or maybe you are all proud of what you have done, maybe there is that much evil inside you ?

We know there was at least ten people involved, in Andrew's death, we even know all your names, it's quite funny really isn't it ? the Police who came to see us for their first weeks after he had died, told us that you were all from decent families. The people who were not directly involved are just as bad for shielding and protecting you. I thought the girls who were in the gang that night, would have been more compasionate.

One day, you lot will have children of your own. You will see them being born, nurse them, watch them grow up and spend most of the time trying to protect them. Maybe then you will realise just how precious they are. They will be 18 one day, the same age as Andrew, and will start going out to town themselves. You will be awake most of the time, just waiting for the key to go into the door and to know that they have arrived home safe. Or maybe not, you will be waiting for the police to knock and tell you the bad news that they are laying in hospital, with only hours to live.

One day in the future, they might even read about Andrew's death, and say to you 'Do you remember that Mum' or 'Dad' ? Will you be able to look them in the eye, knowing that you were part of it?

Well, you have not given yourself up so far, maybe you never will, perhaps you are not man enough or woman enough to? but remember, you will have to take all that guilt to your grave. Just hope you can sleep at night!

What I can never also understand, is why some of you bastards decided to kick and stamp on Andrew while he was laying on the floor unconcious and blood was pouring from his head, I mean it must have taken real hard men to do that !


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Man on murder charge

Mar 18 2003

Liverpool Echo


A MAN accused of murdering a teenager in Liverpool city centre has been granted bail.

James Roberts, 20, was bailed by Liverpool magistrates court yesterday after he appeared over the death of 18-year-old Andrew Jones.

Roberts, of Nyland Road, Huyton, will next appear before Liverpool crown court on April 14.

Mr Jones, from Walton, was knocked to the floor by a single punch as he celebrated a friend's birthday in the city centre on March 9.

He failed to regain consciousness after the incident, which happened at the corner of Gradwell Street and Hanover Street in Liverpool city centre in the early hours.


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