Justice for Andrew Jones

                     Killed for saying sorry

9th March 2003

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It all happened at the junction of Hanover street and Gradwell street in the Liverpool city centre. Andrew was walking along minding his own buisness, when a group of 6 men and at least 4 women walked passed him. Accidently bumping into one of them, he said sorry and carried on walking. This was not good enough for them and they decided to back him back down the street hurling abuse and threatening him. 

Obviously, being by himself he would not have been able to defend himself. While his head was turned away one of them swung a punch at him so hard it broke his jaw and he fell back and hit his head on the pavement, so hard it fractured his skull and his head started pouring with blood almost imediatly. While he was on the ground, one of them decided to give him a kick while he was laying dying.

The area had a lot of people about who must have witnessed the attack. There was also a police car nearby with 2 officers looking on, and a few parked vehicles with people sitting there watching.

Andrew was a loving, hard working young man. He never had a bad bone in his body. We can not ever understand why anyone would want to be so evil to want to hurt him. We miss him so much everyday, it hurts. One thing is certain though, no matter how long it takes, and what we have to do, we will get justice for him.